The View‘s Paula Faris Is Reportedly Claiming Whoopi Goldberg Sabotaged Her! Get The Dirt!

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Looks like it’s never-ending drama in the land of The View!

The popular daytime TV show can’t catch a break in avoiding controversy — which, let’s be honest, is really the reason why we watch — and now it looks like another host feud is going to bubble over!

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If you’re a regular watcher of The View, you might have realized recently that Paula Faris‘ appearances on the show have been cut from five days a week to one… and apparently there’s a reason.

According to new reports out this week, executives have made the decision to cut 80% of Faris’ air time after, according to a source speaking to Daily Mail, focus group feedback research on the highly religious host was “some of the lowest the network has seen since Elisabeth Hasselbeck.”

Uh… WOW! Only that’s not quite where the controversy ends…

It all really comes to a head in Faris’ reaction to this little fact — because the nice, sweet, Christian host went BALLISTIC when producers told her about the change a few weeks ago, allegedly yelling at producers.

The source said::

“She yelled at the executives when they presented the information and said: ‘This is a bunch of bull!’ She is adamant that the network bowed to pressure from Whoopi to get rid of Paula as part of her negotiations to return for Season 20.'”

Not only is Faris pissed about the switch, she’s also blaming … Whoopi Goldberg?!

That’s right! Faris allegedly believes that Whoopi herself — and not the results of the focus groups — is the cause of her being cut back drastically!

The source said it didn’t stop there, though:

“Despite the fact that there was clear research showing her that the talk show’s audience could not relate to her, she couldn’t comprehend how the viewers did not like her. She kept saying: ‘She’ll regret what she did to me, I promise you that.'”


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In fact, it might get worse for Faris according to the source, who is indicating that ABC initially wanted to cut her loose altogether before deciding to just dial back her screen time to save face:

“ABC News really wanted to fire Paula from the show altogether, but The View has terrible image problems with all the recent firings over the last few years,’ according to the show source. They also thought just ditching her could affect the ratings of the weekend edition of Good Morning America. And let’s not forget that they’re just getting past the disaster they faced with hiring Michael Strahan full time from Live with Kelly and Michael and the fallout with Kelly Ripa. So Paula’s demotion was the network trying to save face with the audience for very self-serving reasons.”

Her job is hanging on by a thread!!!

And while it doesn’t look like Goldberg is directly involved in Faris’ cut back to one day a week, regardless of what Paula herself may think, the dreadlocked host herself clearly doesn’t care for Faris’ religious, more conservative on-screen persona.

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Either way, the root cause of the issue here may not even be with Faris, but rather with Barbara Fedida, an ABC exec who took over running The View recently and has, by all accounts, failed miserably.

The source didn’t hold back in regards to that aspect of this whole controversy, saying:

“Everyone jokes about how Barbara Fedida thought Paula would be her new Barbara Walters on this show. But Ms. Walters was beloved to by the audience, Paula isn’t. At some point, ABC has to realize that The View has suffered since Barbara Fedida took over. She doesn’t know the first thing about casting a talk show.”

Again, D-R-A-M-A!!!

The View is just wild when it comes to host banter, so this is popcorn to us right now!

What do U think — is Faris long for the show?! Do YOU want her to have more chair time??

[Image via Jeff Grossman/WENN/Paula Faris/Twitter.]

Aug 2, 2016 4:23pm PDT

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