Flaming Arrow Trick On America’s Got Talent Goes Horribly Wrong — Watch The Judges’ Reactions!

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Every year, we’re surprised by some of the acts on America’s Got Talent that pull off the EXTREMELY dangerous stunts and last night, one couple’s luck ran out — but it could have been a whole lot worse!

On Tuesday, Ryan Stock and his fianc├â┬⌐e, stuntwoman AmberLynn Walker, took the AGT stage and performed their bit which was supposed to conclude with Walker shooting a flaming arrow at a target sticking out of Stock’s mouth, but she missed!

Unfortunately, the stuntwoman accidentally shot her future husband but thankfully Ryan walked away alive and mostly unhurt! The brunette beauty dished on the scary mishap saying:

“In the moment, I thought I had messed up horribly. [But] we reviewed the footage and my aim was on point.”

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Apparently, the root of the problem was in the equipment as Stock explained:

“Her laser dot was actually on the target. I thought she had missed too and then we looked, and the notch on the arrow, on the back end, had broken.”

Interestingly enough, the future groom explained how the faulty equipment is a much better scenario than aiming poorly saying:

“If she had just missed, it actually would have gone probably through my neck but because of the way it slipped, it kinda came at an angle with less power.”

Ch-ch-check out the scary moment from last night’s episode as well as the judges’ reactions (below)!

After the incident occurred, all the judges were obviously very shocked and concerned as Nick Cannon shared he was:

“Just hoping [Ryan] didn’t get punctured. Because that would not be good, for anyone. Luckily the arrow did not go in. We got him checked by the medic afterwards and he’s totally fine.”

Simon Cowell‘s response was pure shock as the accident was clearly a first for him:

“I’ve done this show for 10 or 11 years, and this has never happened before.”

It’s not really surprising that Heidi Klum seemed the most freaked out as she explained:

“To be honest, I never really wanted them to be here in the live shows. Not because I don’t like them as people, they’re risking their lives and that’s what they’re doing, but I just don’t ever want these kind of things to happen.”

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Joining in the other judges’ terror, Howie Mandel shared:

“It was like slow motion, watching that flaming arrow hit him in the neck. I thought I saw something tragic and terrible. My stomach dropped. I’m okay on live TV, I’m okay in front of an audience, but I have no desire to see somebody get hurt.”

However, the bald headed comedian was able to make light of the situation by joking:

“The good news is, if it would have impaled him, if it would have broken the skin, it was flaming, so he would have been cauterized.”

Talk about a joke that misfired! Too soon? LOLz.

In all seriousness, we’re extremely happy that everyone is okay and hope that hope AmberLynn and Ryan don’t have any more mishaps in their future!

Aug 3, 2016 7:52am PDT

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