Multiple Female Donald Trump Employees Have Sued Over Sexual Harassment — And All Were Fired!

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Is anyone surprised by this?

We were mildly shocked when Donald Trump said he would tell his daughter Ivanka Trump to “find another career or find another company” if she was sexually harassed in the workplace — but apparently, Trump’s companies have the same philosophy!

According to an ongoing USA Today network review of over 4,000 legal actions involving Trump and his companies, multiple female employees claim they were fired after complaining about sexual harassment at work.

Erin Breen, a former employee of Trump’s Jupiter, Florida golf course, filed a lawsuit last week claiming she faced “persistent, unwelcome sexual advances” from a supervisor and alerted the human resources department — only to be fired two weeks after the report.

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A similar lawsuit was filed in 2010 by Nausheen Nurani, a female server at Sixteen Chicago — a restaurant inside Trump Hotel and Tower — alleging that she faced “unwanted and offensive touchings” and “offensive sexual material” by another worker.

Nurani says she approached a general manager in 2008 about the issues, and was fired two weeks later.

Trump’s legal team tried to get the case thrown out — but after the judge ruled against tossing it, the case was dismissed and settled out of court with undisclosed terms. (Most likely, the server got a huge check and the lawsuit was swept under the rug.)

As for the more recent lawsuit, Trump’s team said they “look forward to defeating [Breen’s] claims in court.”

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Some two dozen other claims have called out Trump companies over employment discrimination for age, sex, or race — one notable lawsuit from a restaurant hostess who alleged she was rotated off shifts whenever Trump visited.

Lucy Messerschmidt said in her 2013 class-action lawsuit:

“I was fired after I complained about age discrimination (i.e. not being scheduled to work when Donald Trump was on the premises because of my age and Mr. Trump’s known preference for young, pretty women in the hostess position).”

With all this in mind, we think a more accurate slogan for Trump’s campaign would be: “Make American Young, Hot, and Submissive Again — Or Fire it!”

We admit, that’s tougher to fit on a red cap…

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Aug 3, 2016 5:00pm PDT

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