Jared Leto Reveals What He REALLY Thinks Of Taylor Swift & Kanye West!

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Ohh, this should be quite interesting!

In a new interview with GQ Style, Jared Leto opened up about Taylor Swift and Kanye West. The convo couldn’t have come at a better time considering Tay and Yeezy are in the midst of an INTENSE feud!

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Not only is Leto’s sit-down timely, but it also hits home on a personal level since the singer was caught reportedly dissing Swift back in December.

While the Suicide Squad star later apologized for the gaffe, it left us wondering how the actor REALLY feels about the pop star. Was the apology actually sincere? We all know how much Hollywood loves their fake make-ups!

According to the 44-year-old, he has nothing but respect for the controversial celeb:

“She’s great. She triggers a conversation with myself about what’s possible. And you know, the thing I like about Taylor is she’s a self-made woman. I see that in my mother. There were probably points in Taylor’s career where someone else maybe would have been knocked off balance by criticism or other challenges, and she just kept marching forward.”

Wow, the Louisiana native really gave T.S. a high compliment by comparing her to his mom! The talented guy loves his momma more than anything!

As for West, Jared was just as complimentary:

“He’s a friend and has always been. Kanye has always been the nicest person to me, kind and generous. I think he’s a talent, and I really appreciate his ability to speak his mind. I’m very different. I’m very careful and cautious because I don’t want to deal with the other things that come along with speaking out like that. But I do appreciate that in other people.”

Hmm… if Leto is hesitant to speak his mind, can we trust his character assessments of Kanye and Taylor? Is anything real anymore?!

Whether you believe the star or not, we can’t help but agree with his final take on the duo:

“There’s going to be people who love you, people who hate you. It doesn’t matter if you’re Barack Obama or the Pope. If you’re Kanye or Taylor Swift. There’s gonna be people that love you and people that don’t. And thinking that you can please the world or convince everyone otherwise is a fool’s errand.”

Well, we can’t argue with that! It’s important to just do you… unless you’re Donald Trump, of course.

So, what do YOU think of Jared’s interview?

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Aug 3, 2016 12:43pm PDT

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