Shocking Video Shows Fiery Plane Crash Survivors Stopping To Grab Their Luggage While Escaping The Flames!

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An Emirates Boeing 777 crash landed on Wednesday at the Dubai International Airport.

The crash claimed the life of a fireman, but the approximately 300 passengers managed to get off the plane without any life-threatening injuries.

Most shocking, perhaps is the fact that before making their escape, many of the passengers stopped to grab their bags from the overhead bins, despite being yelled at by the crew to drop them.

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A video posted by Rehan Quereshi on Facebook shows the scary scene, in which many “idiotic” passengers stop to get their belongings as the aircraft’s engines are going up in flames.

In the clip, crew members are heard screaming at passengers to “Leave your bags behind!” We totally get wanting to protect your belongings, but when a plane is on fire, your number one priority should probably be getting out alive — and not stopping others from doing the same!

We applaud the crew for getting everyone out safely and potentially saving lives. Ch-ch-check out the scary scene (below):

[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 3, 2016 6:02pm PDT

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