Shannen Doherty Recalls Feeling ‘Invincible’ During Her 90210 Days & How Her Dog Was The First To Detect Her Breast Cancer

Shannen continues to open up about her battle.

Shannen Doherty has continued to be so brave and honest since her breast cancer diagnosis.

The actress’ three-part series with Entertainment Tonight continued Tuesday night as she shared more heart-wrenching details about her battle.

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Recalling a moment of feeling “invincible” back in her Beverly Hills, 90210 days, Shannen dished of the episode her character, Brenda, had to have a biopsy after a lump was found in her breast. She shared:

“I remember that episode because it really meant a lot to me. Back then I was a kid, man, I thought that I was invincible, I thought I was going to live forever.”

That just breaks our heart.

Even speaking of one of her low points since fighting cancer, the 45-year-old confessed to breaking down to her husband Kurt Iswarienko about their time left together:

“[My husband and I] were at this Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, and I looked at him and I said, ├óΓé¼╦£You better enjoy every single second that you have with me ├óΓé¼┬ª ’cause I’m going to be dead in five years.’ He burst out crying and was like, ├óΓé¼╦£You can’t say that.’ That phase was short, thank God. That was a short, short phase that I think my family and friends got me through.”

And that’s including her dog, Bowie, who she believes was the first to realize she had cancer:

“She would obsessively sniff right here on my right side for a long time before. So, it made sense when I got diagnosed.”

The brave starlet continued, while pointing to the right side of her chest:

“When I got back from surgery, [Bowie] again was kind of right in this area. Then when I had my first chemo, she would sniff my entire body up and down. And she was always protective before, but she has become this crazy, protective dog. It’s hard to get close to me when she’s around.”

Aww. Bowie’s like her little guardian.

Well, we can only hope Doherty can continue to fight the breast cancer with all the support from her pup, family, and loved ones!

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Aug 3, 2016 11:51am PDT

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