Suicide Squad Fans Petition To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes For Posting Bad Reviews! See Their Ridiculous Argument…

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We’re only a few days away from Warner Bros.‘ next big comic book flick, Suicide Squad, and fans are already taking sides!

The Will Smith movie has been hyped up a lot over the last year with exciting trailers, creepy images, and of course all those Jared Leto horror stories — but none of the hype kept the film from getting a thrashing by critics!

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t bode too well for the DCEU as Batman v Superman, despite a big opening weekend, was generally panned and underperformed at the box office overall as a result!

Some fans are doing their best to help protect their favorite anti-heroes and villains by starting a petition on

The man who started it, Abdullah Coldwater of Alexandria, Egypt must have his head in the clouds because the petition aims to shut down review aggregating site RottenTomatoes entirely, claiming:

“Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews, Like

1- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016

2- Suicide Squad 2016

and that Affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great movies”

Um, first of all, this fan is CLEARLY in the minority regarding his BvS opinion, no matter how loud he gets…

Second, can you really use the term “always” when you only have two examples?

Finally, how can someone be this upset about a movie they haven’t even seen yet?! Basically, this is how we picture these fans:

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As of now, the petition only has 10,937 signatures out of 15,000 as RT currently has Squad listed at 33% after 72 reviews have come in. To compare, BvS settled down at 27% on 344 reviews.

As for other 2016 superhero flicks? Deadpool earned an 84%, and Captain America: Civil War landed an AH-Mazing 90%! But X-Men: Apocalypse got only a 48% positive when all reviews were counted. So it’s not like EVERYONE but DC is winning.

We’ll definitely be interested to see if fans agree with critics, but until then, let us know if you’ll be catching Suicide Squad when it drops in theaters Friday!

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Aug 3, 2016 10:35am PDT

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