Lauren Conrad Dropped ALL The Truth Bombs! Here Are The 5 Best Takeaways From The Hills Anniversary Special — Including A Kim Kardashian Appearance!

lauren conrad the hills special

So… was the rest still unwritten or what?!

On Tuesday evening, Lauren Conrad made her grand return to MTV for a 10-year anniversary special of The Hills, titled That Was Then, This Is Now. AH-Mazing!

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Of course, this sit down gave the Laguna Beach alum the opportunity to spill all kinds of tea about the show and to update fans on what’s going on in her life right now! Bless.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the highlights from the special for yourself (below).

5. Life After Laguna

The special started off with plenty of shade as Miz Conrad dished that she believed she wouldn’t have been friends with her fellow castmates if they hadn’t been casted on the reality TV show together. Mind blown.

The evening continued as the blonde beauty sat down with her parents and watched her OG audition tape. Not to mention, the 30-year-old’s dad revealed the family (including Lauren) didn’t realize their daughter was a shoo in for the Teen Vogue internship since MTV was involved. LOLz!

Also, did anyone else think it was SUPER cute to see that LC’s momma had all of her magazine covers framed??

4. The Reality Of TV Breakups!

While Lauren is happily running her fashion empire these days, back in the mid 2000s her world revolved around the men her life. Most memorably, Lauren dealt with losing her first love on camera. The Hills talent producer Sophia Rossi even confirmed how painful it was to watch Conrad split from Jason Wahler in the early days of the show. On the split, Lauren confessed:

“I felt a responsibility to take care of him. And I felt like when we broke up, I was abandoning him.”

So sad.

3. Kim Kardashian West Was Almost On The Hills?!

kim k almost on the hills

Yup, you read that correctly. Nowadays Miz Kardashian West is one of the biggest names in reality TV, but at the start of the MTV hit Kimmy Kakes was merely Brody Jenner‘s stepsister. LOLz!

Old footage showed Heidi Montag chatting it up with Kim about attending the VMAs and her jellyfish. Whatever. Tragically, the scene was inevitably cut to make room for Heidi and LC’s epic “You Know What You Did” fight. Probably the right call, though in retrospect what a great little meeting to revisit!

2. Was Any Of It Real??

As many of the former cast members have confirmed, a lot of the drama on The Hills was manufactured by Rossi and the other producers. In fact, during the sit down, Sophia even showed Lauren a synopsis of one episode which had been written BEFORE anything was even filmed. Whoa.

The talent producer proceeded to gloat that she had a knack for predicting what kind of spats the group would get into. Kind of scary, right?

1. Brody And Lauren Were NEVER an OTP!

brody lauren awkward kiss

This might be the most heartbreaking revelation from the whole night. For years, Lauren and Brody seemed to be star crossed lovers as they could never quite get it together enough to be in a relationship. However, Conrad has since revealed that was because she only ever really considered Caitlyn Jenner‘s son a friend. NOOOOOO!

Lauren dished the pressure to snag a BF was so great, she just let the producers play up the connection. In one scene, she even BEGGED to stop kissing Brody. TBH, we’re devastated.

What did YOU think of the anniversary special?? SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

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Aug 3, 2016 9:47am PST

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