Woman Murdered In Broad Daylight While Jogging — Less Than A Mile From Her Home

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We have no words.

A woman was murdered — and possibly sexually assaulted — less than a mile away from her New York City home while going out for a jog.

Karina Vetrano‘s father Phil reported her missing at 5 p.m. after she failed to return from her afternoon workout; while searching alongside police, he found her body late Tuesday night hidden deep in marshland of Queens’ Howard Beach.

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The retired FDNY firefighter made the gruesome discovery — he was the first to see the 30-year-old caterer and fitness buff had been strangled and her pants had been pulled down.

The father-daughter duo would have been running together had the 9/11 veteran not been forced to stay home due to a recent injury.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said on Wednesday that Karina’s father warned her not to run down the secluded path, which is partly concealed due to overgrown weeds.

Police have questioned two homeless people who live in the area, and are looking at surveillance video from nearby homes. Boyce explained:

“Right now we’re investigating anybody who uses this park.”

This is truly sickening. Our heart goes out to Karina’s father and loved ones — and hope her killer is brought to justice.

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Aug 3, 2016 1:35pm PDT

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