Andy Grammer Talks About How He Abstained From Sex Until Marriage

Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer waited until marriage to have seXXXy times with his wife — and anyone else for that matter!

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old singer co-hosted The Talk where the panel discussed a recent study published by the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal that said the millennial generation is over twice as likely to NOT have sex in their early 20s compared to the previous generation.

The Washington Post cited the reasons for the change in lifestyle to: “the pressure to succeed, social lives increasingly conducted on-screen, unrealistic expectations of physical perfection encouraged by dating apps, and wariness over date rape.”

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That all totally makes sense when you think about it!

Anywho, when asked his opinion on the matter, the Honey, I’m Good crooner — who married singer-songwriter Aijia Lise in 2012 — admitted:

“I actually waited until I was married to have sex. That was not without some porn, unfortunately.”

Grammer then went on to explain the negative effects easy access to porn can have on people’s minds and relationships:

“I do think that, as a culture, we don’t understand the effects of that. I feel for men right now because it’s never been this easy to do something so destructive to yourself. It makes my heart sad that we don’t quite understand how destructive that is, on a daily basis, that we can be doing to ourselves.”

That’s not an easy subject to bring up on daytime TV! LOLz!

What do U think of Andy’s opinion on porn and abstinence?? SOUND OFF in the comments!

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Aug 4, 2016 10:39am PST

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