High School Drops Racist Hairstyle Policy After Parents Complain!

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They shouldn’t have even made this rule in the first place.

Butler Traditional High School came under fire last week after parents and students learned about the school’s new dress code, which banned “distracting” hairstyles like dreadlocks, cornrows, twists, and braids.

The racist rule was revealed to the teens and parents involved with the Louisville, Kentucky school in late July during registration.

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The list of banned hairstyles was printed out on a pink handout, and, according to the flyer, any student seen sporting any of those hairdos would be sent home:

“Those students who come to school in violation of the dress code will not be allowed to attend class or circulate through the school until their attire is corrected. We feel that a student’s academic success is directly correlated to appropriate attire and appearance.”

Considering the rule seemed to be targeting members of the African American community, people were PISSED, and slammed the school’s new policy as racist.

Here are some of the reactions (below):

After both parents and students voiced their concerns with the discriminatory ban, BTHS lifted the racist restrictions on Friday.

And on Thursday, the school’s decision-making committee will be meeting to approve recommended changes to the dress code.

According to the meeting’s agenda, the new rules will say:

  • “- Hair must be well-groomed, well-kept and at a reasonable length; reasonable length for males means hair no longer than three inches and must be above the collar, the ears and the eyebrows.
  • – Both males and females must have a natural hair color. No unnatural hair colors (e.g. pink, orange, green, purple, blue, etc.). No severe contrasts.
  • – Hair must be free from designs, names or lines cut into the hair. One straight line is permissible to be cut into the hair for a part.
  • – Females only may wear headbands. (The headbands) must be worn in the hair, not across the forehead.
  • – Bandanas are not allowed.”

The meeting will be open to the public, giving those pissed parents the opportunity to air their grievances with the committee.

[Image via WLKY.]

Aug 4, 2016 6:49pm PDT

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