U.S. Soccer Star Hope Solo Booed By Rio Olympics Crowd Over Zika Tweets! See Her Response!

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Hope Solo may be the face of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, but she wasn’t exactly a favorite among the crowd at the Rio Olympics!

During the team’s game against New Zealand on Wednesday, the veteran goalie was teased by the crowd of nearly 10,000 fans who loudly “booed” every time she touched the ball!

In addition to the jeers, the crowd chanted “Zika, Zika” at the athlete as the USA defeated NZ — in reference to Solo’s hesitance to attend the games over fear of catching the Zika virus.

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After initially hinting she might skip out on the games over concerns about the mosquito-spread virus, the 35-year-old said she was “begrudgingly” heading to Rio — but not before taking certain precautionary measures.

In late July, Solo shared photos on Twitter of herself wearing a mosquito net and her supply of mosquito repellent she was packing for the trip, which naturally upset some Brazilian fans:

Before Wednesday’s game, Solo seemed more sympathetic to Brazil and blamed the “American media” for causing fear, saying:

“I feel a little bit bad because when you come here you learn for yourself. I think that we’ve been very hard on the local people.”

However, those comments weren’t enough to stop the crowd from relentlessly teasing her throughout the game:

Though the athlete didn’t seem to be bothered by the chanting at all, telling reporters after the game:

“I’m glad the fans had fun. And if they had fun at my expense, more power to them.”

That’s the spirit! Keep your head held high, girl — while wearing that protective netted mask, of course.

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Aug 4, 2016 1:46pm PDT

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