This Mother Killed Her Baby With A Teaspoon Of Salt!

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This is so unthinkable!!

A 23-year-old mom in South Carolina has been charged with homicide by child abuse after her 17-month-old daughter was allegedly killed by being fed a teaspoon of salt.

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Kimberly Nicole Martines, of Spartanburg in the Upstate region of the state, brought her baby girl Peyton into the hospital back on Sunday after the infant was allegedly found suffering from seizures.

Sadly, Peyton died from complications related to the salt intake on Wednesday.

It all started when Kimberly fed Peyton a teaspoon of salt in an effort to “get her husband back into her life,” according to reports. Martines and her husband, the baby’s father, are separated.

Peyton was diagnosed with an acute case of salt poisoning, which can happen when too much sodium is ingested, and often leads to seizures, coma, and, as in this case, even death.

Martines (pictured above) is now in police custody under the homicide charges.

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Her family released a statement about the young woman, who they refer to as a “great mother.” They spoke fondly of little Peyton, saying:

“Peyton was the most beautiful, happiest, loving baby ever. She never cried and was a silly baby making everyone laugh. Her presence will always be with us.”

Sadly, Peyton leaves behind a twin sister and another sibling; both of those children were taken into protective custody by authorities.

Our thoughts are with this poor, innocent baby girl and the rest of the family during this unimaginable time.


[Image via Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office.]

Aug 5, 2016 11:28am PDT

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