Jonah Hill Would Rather People Watch Him Have Sex Than Watch Him Sing!

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A Jonah Hill sex tape? Now that would be interesting!

In an interview with the New York Times, Jonah showed off his more vulnerable side when discussing insecurities about auditions. While the funny man is now a celebrated actor (Wolf of Wall Street, War Dogs, True Story), he admitted he rather have a leaked sex tape than a leaked musical audition!

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Well, we all have our weak spots! LOLz!

According to J.H., he recently turned down an audition for a musical adaptation because he can’t sing. It’s kinda of hilarious to think the prospect of an X-rated vid is more comfortable to the actor than his lack of singing talent!

The 32-year-old went on to joke about the irony, saying:

“Most human beings have had more practice at having sex than they have at singing.”

Ha! We can’t really argue with that one.

Who knows, maybe Jonah’s bestie Leonardo DiCaprio could help him overcome his singing fears — we feel like the Oscar winner isn’t afraid of anything after watching his performance in The Revenant!

So, can YOU empathize with Mr. Hill?

P.S. Remember when he BELTED ON FILM in 21 Jump Street?? C’mon Jo, it’s not that bad!!

Aug 5, 2016 11:56am PDT

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