Tara Reid Says She ‘Never Even Had Beef’ With Jenny McCarthy Before Their On-Air Feud — But Don’t Expect Her Back On That Show Anytime Soon!

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There might not have been any beef before, but there certainly is now!

In the event that you have lived under a rock for the past 21 days, Jenny McCarthy and Tara Reid had a verbal sparring match ON AIR last month!

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The drama went down when the radio host asked Miz Reid about her relationship status and Marriage Bootcamp, which the blonde did NOT want to discuss.

So, the 43-year-old then egged the actress on by asking about her complicated history with plastic surgery. That’s when the gorgeous gals started exchanging verbal blows, and the New Jersey native stormed out of the interview!

And now, the 40-year-old is saying the ladies had no bad blood before this fierce feud! On Friday, she opened up about the incident to Ross Mathews on Hollywood Today Live, saying:

“Something like that is so silly. We’re here to talk about Sharknado and to go into stuff that has nothing to do with something else and keep going and going and going. And they’re saying like, ‘Come on guys, let’s be happy and talk about Sharknado and it didn’t end that way. I was like, ‘Good for you, Jenny. At least now people know you have a show.'”

Since the blondes never had any issues before the heated interview, the Sharknado star thinks the whole thing was a publicity ploy on Miz McCarthy’s part, adding:

“We never even had beef so I don’t know where that came from. I think she actually purposefully did that to get ratings. Why else do that? It didn’t make any sense.”

The girl’s got a point!

Plus, after Tara’s diss about how no one knows the Dirty Love alum’s SiriusXM show, this comment also doubles as a pretty sick follow-up burn!


But even though they didn’t have “beef” before, Tara isn’t quick to return to the airwaves with Jenny, admitting:

“I definitely don’t think I’ll be going on her radio show anytime soon.”

Sorry, Jen! Looks like you’ll need to come up with another idea for a ratings spike! LOLz! But in all seriousness, ch-ch-check out Tara’s interview with Ross (below)!

[Image via DJDM/Brian To/WENN.]

Aug 5, 2016 8:12pm PDT

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