Tyga Reveals His Son Got Reprimanded At School For Cursing — He Learned It From Hearing Tyga Say B*tch In The Studio!

king cairo is swearing

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

During Tyga‘s Wednesday interview on Hollywood Today, the Rack City rapper revealed his son King Cairo recently go in trouble for saying the “B-word” at his preschool. Uh oh!

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Kylie Jenner‘s beau dished:

“He had an incident at school. They called me and it was like, ‘Your son, he’s walking around saying the b-word.’ And I was like, ‘Where did he hear that?’ And the school was like, well, he told them, ‘My dad says it in the studio.'”

We’re not sure what we find more amusing, little King swearing like a sailor or how baffled T-Raww was to learn his son was cussing?? LOLz!

Still, Tyga clarified he doesn’t make a habit out of bringing his little one to the studio as he hopes to avoid scenarios just like this one. He added:

“I try to keep him out of the studio and I try not to play songs while he’s around, because he does stuff like that but, you know, it happens.”

That’s fair! We mean, Ashton Kutcher JUST revealed his 22-month-old daughter Wyatt dropped the F-bomb. So don’t worry Tyga, it could be A LOT worse…

Be sure to watch Tyga’s take on his son’s swearing for yourself (below)!

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Aug 5, 2016 9:09am PDT

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