Australia’s Olympic Rowing Coaches Robbed At Knifepoint After Rio’s Opening Ceremonies!

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Just another sad, scary black mark on this year’s Olympics

Not even two full days after the Olympic Games kicked off with a rousing opening ceremony, two Australian rowing coaches were robbed at knifepoint by a pair of Brazilian teenagers while walking back to their hotel on Friday night.

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The coaches, who were returning to their rooms following an informal team meeting at the conclusion of the Games’ opening ceremonies, were approached by two teens carrying long knives and acting in a very threatening way, according to media reports.

Greg Nance, the Australian Olympic Team’s deputy director of welfare, said of the incident:

“They were yelling, intimidating with the use of their voice and of course the knife, about an eight-inch knife, was enough to scare the pants off anyone really. They didn’t resist, they complied and handed everything over.”


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The coaches ended up unharmed, thankfully, but one was allegedly grabbed by the throat, while each were forced to hand over their wallets and phones.

One even was forced to give up his Australian team blazer, which the robbers stole as well, before running off into the night.

What a situation. Stuff like this doesn’t exactly make us want to see more of Rio

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Aug 7, 2016 12:42pm PDT

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