U.S. Olympic Swimmer Lilly King Shades Russian ‘Drug Cheating’ Competitor Yulia Efimova!

Olympic competitors have beefs too!

On Monday night, US Olympic swimmer Lilly King epically shaded fellow competitor Yulia Efimova. The Russian swimmer was previously accused of using state-sponsored drugs to enhance her performance, a scandal which had her temporarily banned from the 2016 games.

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Unsurprisingly, the decision to reinstate Yulia was VERY controversial. Fans even went as far to boo the swimmer at her debut swim on Sunday.

According to L.K., over the past few days she decided to wave her finger at Ms. Efimova in an effort to convey her disgust at the 24-year-old’s presence. The talented gal described her taunt as her way of “serving it up a little bit”.

To the 19-year-old’s surprise, Yulia fired back with a finger wag of her own in retaliation. Let’s just say the athlete didn’t take well to that jab!

Speaking to a reporter following the drama, Lilly ranted:

“You’re shaking your finger ‘number one’, and you’ve been caught for drug cheating – I’m just not a fan.”

Dayum! Tell us how you really feel, Ms. King!

Elaborating on her irritation, the Indiana native explained:

“That’s just my personality. I’m not this sweet little girl, that’s not who I am. If I do need to stir it up to put a little fire under my butt or anybody else then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Well, there ya go!

You can watch the entire feud unfold (above)!

Aug 8, 2016 8:01pm PDT

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