Yet Another NBC Olympics Commentator Controversy! This Time Because Of A Tweet About Simone Biles’ Parents…

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Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice… get it together, NBC!

The 2016 Summer Olympics have only been underway for about four days now, and yet we’ve already had not one, but TWO major scandals out of the only American network broadcasting the games.

Sure, Rio de Janeiro itself has had its fair share of negative press, but the Peacock network’s controversies are even more offensive simply because there’s no reason they should be popping up in the first place!

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As if commentator Dan Hicks‘ sexist beliefs that Katinka Hossz├â┬║ won her world-record gold medal all because of her husband weren’t bad enough, a second sportscaster just made some questionable comments regarding Simone Biles and her adoption!

Apparently, infamous gymnastics analyst Al Trautwig has been offending viewers by referring to the 19-year-old’s adoptive parents Ron and Nellie Biles as simply her grandparents.

While that fact is technically correct — Ron and Nellie adopted Simone and her sister Adria way back in 2001 to rescue them from their drug-addicted birth mother — the National Champ has made it abundantly clear that she does not see them as anything other than her actual mom and dad!

However, when Twitter users confronted Al on his problematic language, instead of apologizing… he doubled down on his thinly veiled racism, saying:

Truly disgusting.

Also, why does he care so much about Simone’s family life as to be this staunchly against her use of the word “parents?!”

Do U think NBC should hold Al accountable for his anti-adoption actions??

[Image via Simone Biles/Instagram and NBC.]

Aug 8, 2016 6:02pm PST

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