Donald Trump Just Implied His Supporters Could Murder Hillary Clinton If He Loses! Seriously!

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Aaaaaaaand Donald Trump once again has proven why he’s the worst!

The real estate mogul-turned-candidate was speaking at a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, when — in a passing comment that didn’t attract much notice at first — he went WAY off the deep end against Hillary Clinton and those around her.

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The Donald was talking about gun rights and gun control, and was trying to make a point that he was concerned whether Supreme Court justices nominated by Clinton, if she were to win the presidency, would take away gun rights.

It was during that tirade that he uttered this ridiculous sentence (below):

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

The Second Amendment, of course, is the right to bear arms, so… is Trump suggesting that people with guns could do something to the judges Clinton may or may not pick over the next four years — or even to Clinton herself?!

The obvious (and extremely dark) implication here is quite strong in that The Donald is implying — or even suggesting — that those with guns could perpetrate political violence in the pursuit of their goals.

That’s quite literally the definition of inciting terrorism, Donald, and that’s despicable — especially considering you claim to be the tough guy regarding terrorism.

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Watch the disturbing comments (below):

Just disgusting.

Of course, this isn’t even the most ridiculous thing The Donald has said in the last 24 hours.

Still, we need to really question the people who are openly supporting this man.

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Aug 9, 2016 5:13pm PST

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