Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Fast & Furious With… Vin Diesel!! Can They Work Things Out?!

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Well, it looks like Scott Eastwood is in the clear!

After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went on a lengthy Facebook rant about his “chicken sh*t” male costars in Fast 8, people seemed to assume the actor was complaining about Clint Eastwood‘s son being an unprofessional actor on set.

Photo: The Rock Takes On Mid-Flight Diaper Duty!

However, it turns out the 44-year-old was actually bashing Vin Diesel, who was pretty much the last person anyone expected to be on the WWE alum’s sh*t list.

But, sources linked to the film’s production confessed that the former wrestler was so fast and furious with the 49-year-old that the muscly men had a secret meeting about it on Tuesday.

Apparently, the California natives had got together on the movie’s Atlanta set to squash their squabble, because it was reportedly impossible to shoot scenes after The Rock publicly aired his grievances.

Insiders explained the actors didn’t get along because Vin is one of the flick’s producers, and made some calls that Dwayne wasn’t exactly thrilled about.

Meanwhile, sources say just about all of the angry actor’s costars are upset that he chose to drop such a cryptic bombshell with only a week and a half left of filming.

What are UR thoughts on Dwayne’s feud with Vin?!

[Image via AP Images.]

Aug 9, 2016 8:42pm PDT

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