Kylie Jenner Is Feeling ‘Super Happy’ On The Eve Of Her 19th Birthday — Hopefully Tyga’s Arrest Warrant Doesn’t Ruin Her Celebration!

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Hopefully the birthday gods are smiling down on Kylie Jenner this year!

According to People Magazine, the reality star couldn’t be happier on the eve of her 19th birthday given all of her accomplishments of the previous year. The beauty did launch her super successful lip kit empire, after all!

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Speaking on Ky’s recent triumphs, a source gushed:

“Kylie is super happy right now. It was a huge year for her professionally with her cosmetics line, and she’s become a mini mogul just like her sisters. She’s always compared herself to them and felt a little insecure, but now she’s feeling confident and just as successful.”

Yep, it’s clear K.J. has A LOT to celebrate tomorrow!

Unfortunately for the young star, there might be a glitch in her b-day plans thanks to Tyga‘s arrest warrant issued earlier this morning. If the rapper is pulled over while driving, he could go to jail for failing to pay his landlord $400K.

Ha! We bet the last place Ms. Jenner wants to spend her special day is at the big house bailing her man out!

Despite the recent drama, the insider revealed the two are in a really great place right now:

“They are doing much better, and the drama seems to be behind them for now. For now, they are very in love.”

Hmm… we wonder how “in love” the pair will be when Tyga tries to call Kylie collect from prison! LOLz!

In all seriousness, we hope Jenner has a great day. Everyone deserves to be treated like a KING on their birthday!

[Image via Panda Clip Art/Instagram.]

Aug 9, 2016 5:05pm PDT

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