Bachelor In Paradise‘s Nick Tries To Convince America He Doesn’t ‘Give A Sh*t’ About Josh & Amanda’s PDA! That & More Fails…& More CHAD!

bachelor in paradise recap

Tensions are certainly running high in Paradise!

On Tuesday evening, Bachelor In Paradise not only continued the longtime feud between Josh Murray and Nick Viall, it also gave us a twin switcheroo. AH-Mazing!

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Not to mention, Chad Johnson returned to “Bachelor Nation” for an appearance on After Paradise after being bounced from the show for his drunken behavior. Now before you roll your eyes, the Bachelorette alum manned up and apologized to Sarah Herron for calling her a “one armed b*tch”.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the HIGHlights from BIP and AP for yourself (below)! You won’t regret it…

5. Nick 100% Still Hates Josh… Despite Saying He “Didn’t Give A Sh*t”!

While Nick and Amanda Stanton initially had sparks in paradise, Nick’s former rival from Andi Dorfman‘s season swooped in and snatched the beautiful mom away from the 35-year-old. Oof!

To make matters worse, Amanda and Josh were ALL about the PDA — especially in front of Nick. Although Viall was clearly PISSED, the reality TV vet tried to convince the cameras that he didn’t really care about Amanda and Josh’s connection. At one point Nick stated:

“Josh is trying to irritate me, and I don’t actually give a sh*t.”

Are you sure about that, bro? However, Nick is clearly just stressing about the impending rose ceremony (where he may be going home). He added:

“I really hope I get a rose somehow. I don’t know how I am gonna get a rose, especially now that Josh has a steady diet of Amanda’s tongue.”

Hell hath no fury, right??

4. Sarah & Her MANY Boyfriends!

bachelor in paradise recap

Sarah is SLAYING it in paradise. After snagging a rose from Daniel Maguire, Miz Herron joined JoJo Fletcher‘s former flame Christian Bishop on a seXXXy zip lining date. This made Daniel extra pissed as he was VERY smitten with the blonde beauty. In a bout of jealousy, the Canadian noted:

“I’m just sitting back here in the mansion with my d*ck in my hand.”

Nonetheless, we don’t think Daniel should be too stressed because Sarah (for some unknown reason) thinks the 31-year-old is “weird” and “odd” in a good way. WHATTTT?

3. Carly FINALLY Dumps Evan!

bachelor in paradise recap

As you may recall, Carly Waddell totally conned Evan Bass into giving her a rose but had to pay for it by dealing with a vomit-inducing kiss. Thankfully, Carly told Evan how she really felt and he did NOT take it well. Not only did the erectile dysfunction specialist cry himself to sleep, but he also penned his OWN date card. Amanda, look out!


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2. The Twins Switch Places & NO ONE NOTICES!

bachelor in paradise recap

Meanwhile, Carly’s REAL crush Brandon Andreen joined the cast and turned his attention to Haley Ferguson (AKA One of the Twins) and asked her on a date. Of course, in typical Twin fashion, Haley decided to let her sis Emily take her place during the romantic dinner to see if Andreen would even notice the switch.

To make a long story short: he didn’t.

1. Chad Apologizes For Being, Well, Chad!

Chad may’ve only been on BIP for a hot second, but he certainly caused a lot of distress. So it’s no wonder the reality TV villain stopped by After Paradise to clear up a few things. Although Chad blamed most of his bad behavior on drinking too much, he did take the time to apologize to Sarah for insulting her.

Prior to sitting with Sarah, Chad told cameras:

“I do want to clear it up. I obviously feel really bad. That is something she can’t control. A person with a disability. That is super messed up. But what happened and what was not aired is literally, she followed me around the entire day telling me what I could and could not say.”

Smh. C’mon, Chad, you can do better than that!

Shockingly, Johnson stepped up and told Herron:

“I am sorry. I should absolutely never have said that. I did not want to say anything like that… I said something I shouldn’t have said, and I apologize for saying what I shouldn’t have said and that is messed up.”

Much better! And it seems as though Sarah appreciated Chad’s words as she accepted his apology. Way to take the high road, girl!

Be sure to catch Bachelor in Paradise when it airs on ABC Monday and Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m. E.T.

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Aug 10, 2016 9:42am PST

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