Catholic Priest Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison — After Admitting To 30 Years Of Sexually Abusing Children!

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Justice is finally being served.

On Wednesday, Catholic priest Philip Temple was sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing 13 children over the past few decades.

The 66-year-old pleaded guilty to 20 charges of sexual assault back in April, and this week he admitted to seven more at London’s Woolwich Crown Court.

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We’re glad the religious figure is finally being put away, since he dodged jail time TWICE in the 1990s.

The first time, the jury couldn’t reach a verdict, and then he was acquitted in the retrial. During Wednesday’s sentencing, judge Christopher Hehir apologized to one of the priest’s victims, saying:

“Justice was not done when you came to court in 1998 and 1999”.

The court had learned the victim had become suicidal and self-harming after the trials allowed Philip to go free. The victim expressed:

“I can only imagine the damage he has caused to other victims. We can never escape from what he did and we can never be free of it.”

They described Mr. Temple as “an extremely skilled liar and manipulator with sociopathic qualities.”

The scandalized figure had been sexually abusing young kids even before he became a priest. When he worked for South London’s Wandsworth Council, he assaulted a boy as young as six or seven.

While working for Wandsworth and Lambeth Councils, he abused multiple boys and one girl. After he became a religious leader in 1988, he abused two altar boys during his time at Christ The King Monastery.

In court, Judge Christopher slammed Philip, saying he became a priest in order to prey on children:

“You of course exploited the opportunities your deceit as to your character had afforded you, not only by sexually abusing children but, as a priest, by lying on oath to deny the truthful accusations brought against you by one of your victims. Your actions as a priest demonstrated that in truth you were a wolf in shepherd’s clothing.”

After a lengthy investigation by Metropolitan Police, the offender was arrested last July.

[Image via Metropolitan Police.]

Aug 10, 2016 4:29pm PDT

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