Rio Olympics Diving Pool Water Has Turned GREEN — Find Out Why AND See The Best Reactions!

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Leading up to the Olympics, there was a lot of concern about the contamination levels in the large bodies of water that would be used during the games — but apparently no one thought of the diving pools!

On Tuesday, it came as quite a shock to several people when the crystal clear pool the athletic divers had used the previous day had turned a very disgusting and murky green!

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In fact, the water’s color was so bad that one diver told a reporter that she couldn’t see her diving partner under water. YIKES!

If you’re still not utterly disgusted, take a peek at some of the pics athletes and journalists shared on Twitter:

The athletes may be worried, but the rest of the world is just tickled pink green by the incident:

Luckily, Rio spokesperson Mario Andrada addressed the concerns and explained that the color change was a result of “a proliferation of algae.” Andrada went on to dish that this occurred “because of heat and lack of wind.” The games also shared their response by tweeting:

Woof! Well we sure are glad things are back to normal!

What do you think of the way the Olympics have handled all the controversy so far?!

[Image via ABC.]

Aug 10, 2016 9:50am PDT

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