NBC Is Accidentally Censoring Male Olympic Divers’ Speedos… And We Could Not Be More About It!

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Straight 10s across the board!

Let’s be honest… one of the main reasons we tune into the Summer Olympics every four years is to figure out which hotties should be our next athletic crushes.

2012 in London blessed us with Tom Daley, and NBC‘s coverage of Rio de Janeiro is going pretty swimmingly for the Games’ divers so far.

Photo: The Hottest Athletes At The 2016 Summer Olympics!

That’s because in addition to already looking perfect in their revealing Speedos… the placement of the scores just so happens to land directly on the divers’ private parts!

Surprisingly, blocking out more of their downtowns is actually making them even hotter!!

Also, you could not come up with a better penis joke than Steele Johnson if you tried. LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the very best Twitter reactions to the sexXxy censorship (below)!!!

Keep on swimmin’, boys!

[Image via NBC.]

Aug 10, 2016 5:51pm PDT

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