Twin Peaks Actor Accuses David Lynch Of Pedophilia & Murder! See What He Said!

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These are some serious accusations.

Twin Peaks cult actor Michael J. Anderson fired some deplorable shots at series creator David Lynch on his Facebook profile photo last week.

In the caption, the actor claimed — by inversely stating the following did “NOT” happen — that the esteemed filmmaker raped his daughter Jennifer Lynch and threatened her with death if she ever told what happened.

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He also suggested Lynch orchestrated the death of his “best friend,” Eraserhead star Jack Nance, and suggested Anderson should kill himself. He wrote of his former boss:

“He totally did NOT rape his own underage daughter and then write a television series about it. She totally has NOT lived under a DEATH THREAT from her own father, all her life if she ever told. He NEVER had his “best friend” murdered. And he DEFINITELY NEVER suggested to me that I should kill myself! There’s a whole bunch of other stuff he never did either.”

Just… wow.

Luckily, Jennifer put any unease to rest and denied the accusations. She responded to a concerned fan on Instagram, writing:

“I just heard about [these accusations]. I am sorry that Mike is doing this. None of what he says is true, and I hope he receives the help and peace he needs.”

In the past, Anderson has been publicly frustrated by not being cast in the Twin Peaks reboot, reportedly over salary disagreements — but based on this post, the 62-year-old is clearly trying to drag Lynch’s reputation down with him.

We hope the actor gets the help he needs.

Do YOU think there’s any merit to these audacious claims??

[Image via BBC 2/ABC.]

Aug 10, 2016 6:15pm PDT

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