Longtime Bachelor Hugh Grant Believes Affairs Keep ‘Marriages Together’ — WHAT??

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Hugh Grant is an expert about marriage — despite never marrying!

On Wednesday, the Love Actually star stopped by Howard Stern‘s Sirius XM radio show and celebrated people (like his Florence Foster Jenkins character) who are extremely dedicated to their marriage but still have a side piece. HUH?

Video: Hugh Gets Candid About His 2007 Breakdown!

The 55-year-old explained:

“I always admire the French and the Italians who are very devoted to their marriages. They take them extremely seriously, but it is understood that there might be other visitors at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. You just never boast about. They never say anything, but that’s what keeps marriages together.”

How… romantic? We guess we shouldn’t be too surprised to learn about Hugh’s controversial opinions about romance as he was infamously arrested in 1995 after being caught with prostitute Divine Brown. On the subject of marriage, Grant added:

“I can see the lovely aspect if you marry exactly the right person├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥your best friend and it’s cozy and it’s lovely. But, people make so many mistakes. Do I think human beings are meant to be in 40-year-long monogamous, faithful, relationships? No, No, No. Whoever said they were? Only the bible or something. No one ever said that was a good idea… I think there’s something unromantic about marriage. You’re closing yourself off.”

The About A Boy actor certainly lives by this code as he has four children between baby mommas Anna Eberstein and Tinglan Hong. Still, Hugh’s inneresting statements about love weren’t the only bombshells he dropped during his chat with Howard.

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Be sure to ch-ch-check out the A-lister’s other truth bombs for yourself (below)!

5. HG Had A Fake Agent For A While!

“I do have an agent again now, but I did for four years not have one… He didn’t exist. It was me on a different email account, I saved myself an absolute fortune.”

4. Grant Turned Down Ashton Kutcher‘s Role On Two And A Half Men:

“The problem was they didn’t have a script for the new character. They just said, ‘Trust us, we’ll create one.’├óΓé¼┬ªThey make brilliant TV shows, but I said, ‘I’m too scared to sign up without a script.'”

3. Hugh Didn’t Realize Costar Simon Helberg Was A Big Deal:

“This guy Simon Helberg who’s in Florence Foster Jenkins, I might have been vaguely patronizing to him because he hadn’t done films before. Gradually, you realize, not only is the guy a much bigger star than me, he’s maybe the richest man I’ve ever met.”

2. On Turning Down A MAJOR Motion Picture:

“I used to boast in interviews, ‘Ah, you know. I’m not necessarily the greatest actor in the world, but I am really good at choosing material. I have never turned down something that turned out to be a success. As soon as I started saying that, I turned down a film that went on to be the biggest success, biggest hit, for the part that I turned down for that actor.”

1. Even British Heartthrobs Get Fat Shamed:

“I was fat shamed the other day on a British newspaper. The headline was ‘Four Bellies and a Turkey Neck.’ They weren’t wrong. I looked shocking. It was awful…I hang off a strap every morning [now] called TRX.”

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Aug 11, 2016 2:44pm PDT

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