The Next Supergirl & The Flash Crossover Will Be A Musical! WHAAAA?!

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We’ve been waiting for another Supergirl and The Flash crossover, especially now that both shows are on The CW, but these upcoming episodes are beyond our wildest dreams!

On Thursday, the series’ executive producers revealed at their Television Critics Association summer press tour presentation that the new, two-part crossover for the superhero shows will be a MUSICAL!

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We’re so excited for Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist to relive their Glee glory days by serenading us on TV!

Supergirl‘s co-creator, Ali Adler, admitted that this is perfect for the casts — which are comprised of a lot of Broadway alums — and especially the two stars, saying:

“When they’re not acting or flying or punching or exploding things, they’re singing.”

And while the producers plan on using “mostly pre-existing” songs, exec Greg Berlanti wants the writers to concoct original tunes for each episode.

He also dished that everyone is super excited:

“Some of you may know my personal love for musicals, and we have a number of people who can sing across all the shows.”

And in addition to this musical crossover, the upcoming seasons will also feature an insane four-show crossover that merges The Flash, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow, and Arrow!

Who’s excited?!

[Image via The CW.]

Aug 11, 2016 5:45pm PDT

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