Tyga Reaches A Settlement With His Ex-Landlord — Legal Deets HERE!

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Wow, Tyga actually made a smart decision for once!

According to TMZ, the rapper reached a deal with his ex-landlord accusing him of bailing on $480K worth of rent. The two have been battling it out a while now.

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For those who missed it, the landlord’s team issued a bench warrant for the 26-year-old earlier this week after he failed to appear in court to resolve the matter. At the time, the poppa was partying with Kylie Jenner in Turks and Caicos.

Following news that Tyga could be arrested upon his arrival in the United States (the judge escalated the warrant to reach the federal level), he quickly cut a check for an undisclosed amount. Apparently the settlement wasn’t for the full amount, a fact not too shocking considering the Rack City star most likely survives off an allowance from his 19-year-old girlfriend.

Unfortunately for the California resident, a judge could reject the settlement when his lawyer heads to court on Friday to discuss the case. Even though the financial dispute has been amended, a judge could still throw the entertainer in jail since he skipped out on court — that’s a BIG no no.

To make matters even worse, this isn’t the first time the performer has bailed on financial obligations. Considering this case went in the plaintiff’s favor, this could motivate others to execute similar tactics.

Well, we’ll definitely keep you updated as this case progresses. All we can say is, we hope Tyga learned his lesson this time!

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Aug 11, 2016 7:16pm PDT

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