Not So Mr. Nice Guy! Amanda Stanton Reveals What Really Went Down Between Her & Nick Viall On Bachelor In Paradise!

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Here’s lesson number one million in don’t believe everything you see on reality TV!!

Amanda Stanton has come clean about what went down in the awkward, uber-competitive love triangle involving her, Josh Murray, and Nick Viall on Bachelor In Paradise this week — and it sure isn’t what it seems!!

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The mom of two was initially pursued by Nick, of course, until Josh came into the picture and went right after her, leading to some tense moments for Mr. Viall and a portrayal on camera that made him look like the nice guy, and Josh like the evil one.

But now, in a blog post on her personal website, Stanton says that’s just not how it really happened!!

After revealing she was “completely overwhelmed” by the hate she’s been receiving all week in light of picking Josh over Nick, she revealed more on the blog, starting off with:

“Mine and Nick’s date didn’t go as well as it was portrayed on the show. It was a fine first date. We had good conversation. We kissed. But there weren’t those ‘sparks’ like I was hoping for.”

OK! Hey, girl, you are allowed to be honest if you don’t feel sparks, no worries there!

But it’s what she says next that is really telling of what Nick was all about:

“One thing that stood out to me was that he would hold my hand or kiss me ├óΓé¼┬ª but as soon as the cameras were off, he would stop or let go of my hand. Now if someone is really into you, they’re going to show affection to you whether there are cameras on them or not. I TRULY felt like he wasn’t that into me.”


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Then Stanton dropped a truth bomb about that week’s rose ceremony, too — you remember, it’s the one where Nick picked her — when she revealed he was all about Leah Block, as well:

“He wanted to get to know Leah [Block] and I BOTH better, and reminded me ONCE AGAIN that he was also ‘very excited for Jen to arrive.’ He told me he wanted to be on the same page as far as dating other people and made it CLEAR AS DAY that we were going to both explore our options. I appreciated his honesty with me! But this is why when Josh arrived the next morning, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to the date! I would NEVER intentionally hurt [Nick] or go on a date without talking to him first if we hadn’t had that talk the night before! Like I said before, Nick did nothing wrong! He really is an amazing guy and was nothing but honest with me! Can we just squash this?!”

Consider it squashed, girlfriend!!

Whose side are you on in this little tiff, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below) and don’t forget to watch more Bachelor In Paradise on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC!

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Aug 12, 2016 10:04am PDT

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