Donald Trump Held Up Posters At His Rally, So The Internet Spent All Day HIGHlariously Changing Them To Show His REAL Message!

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As if Donald Trump weren’t already enough of a ridiculous internet meme, at some point in the last 48 hours, he (or his team?) decided it’d be a good idea for him to start holding up posters on stage at his rallies.

The posters have boring stuff on them — charts, graphs, messages about the GOP candidate’s policies, etc. — but the Internet quickly fixed that…

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Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you… Trump’s real posters!

Forget the charts and graphs and anti-Hillary Clinton mumbo-jumbo, Twitter has deliciously Photoshopped Trump’s posters to better reflect the candidate’s true message, and we are loving every minute of it (as you can see with our own special little creation, above)!!!

Ch-ch-check out some of the best ones from the last 24 hours after The Donald held up a poster at a Florida rally (below)!!!

LOLz!! That’s it, Donald — flip the chart over, that’ll show ’em how you’re really doing in the polls!!

We love the poster where Trump awkwardly asks Russian leader Vladimir Putin to be his friend (below):

There are the signs depicting the only actual demographic that wants The Donald to win in November — old white men (below):

Of course, there are HIGHLarious movie references to boot (below):

And there are abundant call-outs of The Donald’s bizarrely-bronzed skin, likening it to Cheetos while also making fun of poor, sad Jeb Bush in the process (below):

This wouldn’t be the internet if there weren’t abundant cat memes (below):

And then there’s the what-would-Trump-be-like-as-a-graphic-designer look here (below):


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There’s also a not-so-subtle jab at Trump’s (lack of) humility:

Who else besides The Donald (OK, and maybe Kanye West) would hold up a picture of themselves?! Ha!!!

And there’s a particularly good political jab, taking aim at Trump’s awful tax plan (below):

Oh, and if cat memes are a requirement on the internet, well, so is Dat Boi (below):

And just because this election cycle has gotten so absurd, even Harambe wasn’t spared from the Photoshoppers’ Trump takes (below)!!!


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More seriously, some also took a very satirical political stance against many of Trump’s outrageous anti-woman statements (below):


What a round of Photoshopped Trump posters — we feel like we could do this all day!! (And let’s be honest, wouldn’t Harambe make a better president than The Donald right now? Like… seriously?? We know Dat Boi would!!)

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Anyways, as crazy and funny as all those signs are, we actually might like this Trump supporter — spotted yesterday afternoon at the candidate’s rally in Kissimmee, Florida — the very best (below):


That’s about the only demographic that can still vote for the man in good conscience!!

[Image via CBS/Kim Kardashian/Twitter.]

Aug 12, 2016 11:07am PDT

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