Hugh Jackman Has Fans In A Panic Over His Frail Appearance — Here’s What’s Really Going On!

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Hugh Jackman has his fans SO worried!

On Wednesday, Hugh shared a photo of himself looking very thin and noticeably older. Let’s just say the snap is starkly different than his typical hunky and fit pics!

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Following the IG post, many people commented expressing worry over the actor’s appearance. Some fans even went as far to say they’d “miss” the actor!

Check out some of the most dramatic and unintentionally funny comments (below)!

“aaronconner: You look sick…

  • care4skin Try our eye cream from @care4skin…it may take years off
  • gadaeedwards123: I’m gonna miss you
  • carolinehill2: You look like you used that old person snapchat filter.”
  • attorney_attorney: What happened to you x men? ├ä┬▒ was shocked when ├ä┬▒ saw this photo. are u good? you look so tired. the time had changed you. i am so sorry.”
  • Wow, it’s clear there are A LOT of feelings over this pic!
  • On the flip side of the comments, some fans took the time to commend Hugh for embracing the aging process while other peeps praised his good looks. The 47-year-old has some loyal supporters, y’all!

    Take a look at some of the most loving messages (below)!

    “grace4jjenangie: we are humans, someday we all are going to be the same.

    jacekstruski: nice catch, also you may look old but it really suits you so don’t go LA on us, age with dignity and pride.

    monimarz: Mean spiritness seems to be the real issue here. Hugh didn’t ask for peoples medical advice or negative feedback. It’s a picture, maybe not the most flattering to date, but one picture with poor lighting doesn’t make you ill or dying. Stop typing diarrhea and go get some air.

    Hales430: He’s been in the industry for over 20 years! So what he looks a little older! Leave him alone! I think he still looks great.

  • Aw. So sweet!

    But wait! What’s REALLY going on with H.J.? Is the poppa actually aging at warp speed?

    According to fans and other outlets, Hugh’s new look is most likely makeup and prosthetics for his upcoming Wolverine movie. The latest installment, which is currently in production, focuses on the “Old Man Logan” storyline which depicts Wolverine as an older version of himself.

    Yep, case solved! We can all rest easy now!

[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 12, 2016 6:08pm PST

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