Steven Avery’s Ex-Fianc├â┬⌐e Fears The Making A Murderer Star’s Possible Release Will Lead To Another Murder!

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Another dramatic day in Manitowoc County…

As we reported, Making A Murderer star Brendan Dassey‘s conviction for the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach was overturned as his coerced confession violated his Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights!

Now that the 26-year-old is going to be released from prison, many are expecting the same situation will happen to his uncle Steven Avery.

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However, not everyone is excited about this possibility.

After word spread about Dassey, Avery’s ex-fianc├â┬⌐e Jodi Stachowski is hoping the 54-year-old will stay behind bars!

Not only does Stachowski believe Steven murdered Teresa, she believes he could do it again!

On the flip side, Jodi is satisfied that Brendan was released, and believes his life was taken from him by the Wisconsin justice system.

Conversely, Steven’s brother Chuck refuses to celebrate Dassey’s release until his bro is freed as well.

As we reported, this isn’t the first time Jodi has publicly denounced her ex. In January, she said in an interview that she was so terrified of the Netflix star that she “ate two boxes of rat poison” so she would wind up in the hospital.

While Brendan’s conviction was overturned, prosecutors still have 90 days to send him back to court.

Where’s Dean Strang when you need him?

[Image via Netflix.]

Aug 12, 2016 8:51pm PDT

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