Green Olympic Diving Pool Has Now Been Closed — Is It More Dangerous Than They Thought??

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Remember that nasty green-colored pool at the Olympics in Rio?!

We told you about it a couple days ago, how they were keeping it open and in use by the divers despite all kinds of controversy from Twitter and every other corner of the internet.

Well, now, so much for that: this pool has been CLOSED!

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After 48 hours of outcry about questionable health issues surrounding the pool itself, Olympic officials have decided to shut the pool completely and hold diving events elsewhere.

Diver Tom Daley shared the news this morning that it was a no-go in that algae-filled pool, writing a tweet (below):

Remember, at the time, officials assured everybody that there was nothing wrong with the pool, it just happened to be green.

But considering that they’ve fully closed it now, well, maaaaaaybe a bit more was going on than the Games initially let on??

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Over the last two days officials have apparently been putting an insane amount of chlorine in that diving pool in the hopes of working out the kinks, but so far, no go. In fact, they are putting SO much chlorine in it, that it was affecting the athletes pretty severely.

Tony Acevedo, the captain of the US men’s water polo team, sounded pretty pissed about it (below):

“This is the Olympic Games and they are putting so much chlorine in the water that people can’t see. You can’t have that.”

And Gergo Zalanki, a Hungarian men’s water polo player, added:

“My eyes hurt from the water. It’s not good. It feels like they added more chlorine to the water but I’m not sure. I’m used to it because we have a lot of water like this in Hungary, but I think there might be something else wrong too.”


At least it’s closed now, even though that hasn’t stopped people from throwing tons of shade at the green pool, even two days later!

A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania is planning a little fun with a new promo night at their upcoming game, done in honor of the pool (below):


Seriously, though, we can only hope the officials in Rio won’t have any similar trouble with any other pools needed for competition.

[Image via Mina Kimes/Twitter.]

Aug 12, 2016 1:25pm PDT

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