Woman Murdered While Jogging Fought Back & Injured Killer — Which May Lead To His Capture!

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So scary to think about her final moments…

As we reported earlier this week, police are still searching for the person who brutally murdered Vanessa Marcotte.

The 27-year-old Google employee who was going for a jog near her mother’s house on Sunday when she was attacked, stripped, and set on fire.

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Now, police are releasing information about a possible break in Marcotte’s case; it sounds like she put up an incredible fight for her life against her vicious, unknown attacker.

Local district attorney Joseph Early told reporters on Thursday afternoon (below):

“We believe that there was struggle between Vanessa and her killer that may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries. Her assailant we know was a man. These injuries specifically were scratches, scrapes and or bruises.”

So scary.

Early also indicated that local police in Princeton, Massachusetts have “made some progress” regarding the search for the male suspect, but the D.A. did not elaborate about what that progress meant, exactly.

But during the press conference, he did ask that anyone who has seen a man in the area who fits the description of the injuries to notify authorities through the Massachusetts State Police anonymous tip line at 508-453-7589.

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It’s the first murder in the small town in more than 30 years, so it’s a big deal locally — but considering how vicious and seemingly random it was, it’s possible there could be another killing.

So it’s imperative authorities find this man immediately and bring him to justice.

Here’s the full, rough video from Mass Live documenting Early’s announcement and the case’s newest development (below):

Ugh. So, so sad — and so unsettling to think this man hasn’t yet been caught.

[Image via Vanessa Marcotte/Instagram.]

Aug 12, 2016 12:51pm PDT

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