Amber Heard Says She Didn’t Release Last Night’s Shocking Johnny Depp Video — So Who Did??

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The drama heightens!

Amber Heard is back in L.A. because in about two hours, she has a deposition to attend facing off with Johnny Depp‘s powerful legal team, but she — and everyone else — is still reeling from last night’s leaked video.

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It’s specifically interesting to try to figure out how the vid saw the light of day — Heard herself told TMZ that she did NOT leak it, issuing a statement completely denying having any hand in the outing process.

Meanwhile, Heard arrived at LAX on Friday knowing that, at 10:00 a.m. local time today, she has a VERY big deposition to go through — and, just like last week, she’s required to show up or there could be big consequences.

From what we’re seeing, it sounds like she is looking to settle quickly. Obviously, this divorce, and all the drama that has come along with it in the public eye, has to have taken a toll on the poor woman and it sounds like she would like for it to be over.

She told TMZ that she “underestimated the toll” the entire process would take on her, if that’s any indication…

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It looked touch-and-go whether she was actually going to show up for this depo for a while there, but, well, things seem more likely now.

Check back in two hours…

In the meantime, who leaked this footage?! It couldn’t have been Depp’s team, and Amber says it wasn’t her… does that leave a peeping Tom??

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Aug 13, 2016 10:42am PDT

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