Have Olympic Officials Been Denying Ryan Lochte’s Gunpoint Mugging Because They Are Worried About MORE Bad Rio Press?!

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This is awkward…

Even though his very own mother has confirmed his story, Ryan Lochte is catching skepticism about being the victim of a scary gunpoint armed robbery in Rio De Janeiro on Saturday night!

And worse yet, the skepticism is from the United States Olympic Committee?!

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If you’ll remember from our earlier reporting, both the USOC and the International Olympic Committee outwardly denied the fact that a robbery ever took place, even when Lochte said it did.

Only…now we are learning that the USOC denied the robbery ever took place without even trying to confirm it or not!!

In other words, the USOC told the IOC Lochte’s story never actually happened, but they never even talked to Lochte in the first place!!!

What the what?!

The IOC never tried contacting Lochte or any of the other Olympic athletes, either, even though they are all still living in the Olympic village. You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard…

Regardless, this is just more questionable press for Rio during the games. Olympic officials are probably hoping it isn’t as bad as it sounds, hence the denial that jumped the gun.

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Here’s more from Lochte on the incident itself (below):

Scary, scary stuff.

[Image via NBC.]

Aug 14, 2016 4:22pm PDT

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