Seth Rogen & Amy Schumer Just Made The Most Trans-Friendly Beer Commercial Ever… And Internet Trolls Are Bashing The Hell Out Of It

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen have been raking it in as the faces of Bud Light‘s Presidential-inspired ad campaign recently, and their latest video has already gone viral… for all the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, the two comedians’ spot promoting gender identity acceptance has attracted a swarm of negative comments from Internet trolls in the few hours since it went up on Monday.

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Despite taking the stance that people “don’t need these labels; beer should have labels,” anti-trans advocates were quick to insult both the brand AND the spokespeople for being too PC.

They also had some choice words about Seth and Amy’s weight:

“God she’s so fat. It’s like she got some money and just said fuggit, I’m gonna eat forever.├»┬╗┬┐”

…and their Jewish heritage:

“The only label that fat Jew accepts is the “family sized” label on potato chip bags. Anyway, welcome to Jew-merica, goy.├»┬╗┬┐”

Real nice…

With that said, we’re glad Budweiser was confident enough in their accepting message to not disable the comments on their YouTube video — we’d hate for the haters to think they won!

Regardless, the idiots preaching their bigotry aren’t the ones getting a national marketing campaign right now.. the good guys are!

Ch-ch-check out Bud Light’s historic LGBT-friendly commercial (above)!!!

Aug 15, 2016 3:13pm PDT

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