Homophobic Journalist Kicked Out Of Rio After The Olympics Officially Condemn The Daily Beast‘s Grindr Report!

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Serves him right!

As we previously reported, The Daily Beast seriously crossed a line last week when it published a report on sexual activity at the 2016 Summer Olympics, effectively outing a number of gay athletes in the process.

While Nico Hines didn’t use any names in his story on Grindr usage in Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Village, the straight journalist did provide sports and nations for many closeted competitors… including countries that lack gay rights!

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The Daily Beast initially responded to readers’ complaints by simply removing any identifying information from the dating app article before eventually taking it down — but it turns out that wasn’t good enough for the International Olympic Committee!

In fact, the IOC actually spoke out against the “simply unacceptable” homophobic report in an emailed statement to OutSports on Sunday, suggesting that Nico has been removed from the Games entirely, saying:

“We understand the organization concerned recalled the journalist after complaints and withdrew the story.”

It’s unclear whether Nico’s removal was on behalf of the IOC or simply The Daily Beast covering their asses… but regardless, we’re glad he’s gone!

Now, how long until they actually apologize for the potentially deadly offense??

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But just in case you thought justice wasn’t served… out athlete Amini Fonua from Tonga sent a special NSFW message to Nico on Instagram saying:


Do U think Nico deserves more than just his press cred redacted??

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Aug 15, 2016 1:31pm PDT

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