After Her Olympic Glory, Michael Phelps Is The One Asking Katie Ledecky For An Autograph! Look At The Sweet Role Reversal!

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Everything comes full circle!!

Remember when we told you about that time, ten years ago, when a young Katie Ledecky asked star swimmer Michael Phelps if she could have his autograph?

Well, well, well, it appears the shoe is on the other foot this time around!!

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USA Swimming tweeted out an INCREDIBLE pic on Monday, re-creating the now-infamous photo of Ledecky, as a kid, getting Phelps’ autograph — only now, the roles have been reversed!

Ch-ch-check it out (below):


We can’t get over how cute Ledecky is in that old pic! So wide-eyed, so innocent, and SO excited!

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But the second pic, come on, she’s an Olympic legend by now!

We want her autograph, too! Ha!!!

Just another example of how USA Swimming dominates EVERYTHING!

[Image via ATP/WENN.]

Aug 15, 2016 3:05pm PDT

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