Soccer Star Dead After Being Tasered By Police

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A well-known English soccer player has died after being tasered by police, and those around him are shocked about the sudden tragedy.

Dalian Atkinson, who was best known for his time playing for Aston Villa of the Premier League in the 1990s, was battling kidney problems and a weak heart when he was tasered by cops in Telford, Shropshire, UK during a confrontation early Monday morning.

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The 48-year-old had undergone dialysis recently, and had spent an “extended period” in a hospital, according to reports — his uncle Fabian Atkinson spoke about Dalian’s health and the causes that tragically led to his death (below):

“He had some health issues that he was trying to get through and that’s why his heart was weak. When a Taser is deployed, as soon as a Taser is deployed, they need to automatically call an ambulance. How do they know the health of the guy or the girl that they are affecting?”

It isn’t entirely clear why police were called to Atkinson’s location in the first place, but the local station reports “concerns for the safety of an individual” as their reason for being there.

Once on scene, they encountered Atkinson, and evidently some kind of disturbance led cops to deploy their tasers.

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For their part, the Independent Police Complaints Commission is actively investigating the former soccer star’s death, with a spokeswoman saying:

“IPCC investigators are at the scene gathering the available information and are attending the post-incident procedures to supervise the recovery of initial evidence. The IPCC is conducting a full and thorough investigation into all of the circumstances surrounding his death including the use of force.”

The organization’s deputy chairwoman, Rachel Cerfontyne, added:

“I would like to assure people that we have begun a full and thorough investigation into police contact with Dalian Atkinson prior to his death, including the level and type of force used. Our investigation team have been securing and preserving relevant evidence, and identifying witnesses. Investigators have met Mr Atkinson’s immediate family to explain our role and we have appointed a family liaison manager to keep them updated. My thoughts are with Mr Atkinson’s family and friends, and all those affected, at this difficult time.”

So sad.

Atkinson hadn’t played professional soccer since 2001, but he was well-known in the sport and leaves a legacy with Aston Villa, in particular.

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During the 1992-93 season, he scored a memorable goal for AVFC against Wimbledon — so memorable, in fact, that it was voted the goal of the season in the entire Premier League, and some fans were calling it the greatest single goal in league history.

Here is that moment (below):


And here’s Aston Villa’s tribute to Atkinson (below) from Twitter earlier today:

So, so sad.

RIP, Mr. Atkinson.

[Image via BBC.]

Aug 15, 2016 6:07pm PDT

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