Amy Schumer Is ‘Disappointed’ In Inside Amy Schumer Writer’s Comments About Rape & ‘Sh*tbag Phony Grandstanding Internet Feminists’

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There’s nothing funny about the things this writer for Amy Schumer‘s comedy series is saying.

Over the weekend, a woman posted a disturbing message in a private Facebook group for female comedians, warning the ladies about Upright Citizens Brigade comic, Aaron Glaser, who had allegedly been “raping women in the comedy community for years.”

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So horrifying.

The performer hosts a monthly showcase at the prominent UCB, but the message continued to reveal that an investigation caused him to be “permanently banned” from the venue after “multiple women came forward.”

He’s also no longer listed on the group’s talent page.

You can see a screenshot of the post (below):

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Aaron took to FB to deny the allegations in a since-deleted post (below):

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And amid the controversy, Kurt Metzger, who is credited with writing and appearing in multiple episodes of Inside Amy Schumer, went off on the social media site, slamming UCB’s decision.

On Monday, he wrote a lengthy, sarcastic post about a fictional character going through the same situation:

The comedian continued to bash the situation due to a lack of “proof,” and seemed upset that — if Aaron really was guilty of the allegations — the comic’s only punishment is losing his monthly show:

Naturally, he got a lot of hate for his controversial comments, but dismissed his critics by saying their anger gets his “d*ck hard:”

He also went OFF on “sh*tbag phony grandstanding ‘internet feminists'” for supposedly not encouraging victims to go to the police:

And on Tuesday, he fired back at haters in an expletive-filled rant:

And while Amy had kept quiet about the scandalous subject, she broke her silence on Kurt’s controversial comments on Wednesday, writing on Twitter:

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?

[Images via Aaron Glaser/Facebook, @Midnight/Instagram, WENN.]

Aug 17, 2016 7:58pm PDT

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