Shannen Doherty’s Ex-Manager’s Lawyer Claims The Actress Is Using Cancer As An Excuse To Avoid Questioning

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This is the last thing Shannen Doherty needs right now!

According to TMZ, Shannen’s ex-manager’s lawyer Steven Blatt is accusing the actress of using her cancer diagnosis to avoid a deposition connected to an ongoing court case.

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As we previously reported, Shannen sued her management company Tanner Mainstain Glynn & Johnson in 2015 after she discovered one of their employees didn’t pay her insurance bills.

Due to the company’s alleged mismanagement, her coverage was cancelled and she wasn’t able to visit a doctor for a prolonged amount of time. Ms. Doherty believes this is why she wasn’t able to catch her breast cancer before it tragically spread to her lymph nodes.

Not only does the lawyer reject the claims, but he also alleges Doherty’s cancer-related fatigue is bullsh*t in new court docs.

While Steven already grilled the 45-year-old for seven hours (this is the legal limit for a depo in California), he wants a judge to grant him four more hours of questioning. Mr. Blatt argues Shannen’s recent Instagram pics depicting her partying and traveling contradicts her defense of being too sick.

Yikes! Questioning the integrity of a cancer patient isn’t a good look, Steven!

On the flip side, Shannen reasons she’s free to live her life any way she wants. The 90210 star also expressed her disgust over Blatt’s insinuation.

So, what do YOU think of Steven’s request?

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Aug 17, 2016 3:16pm PDT

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