Woman Hired An Undercover Cop To Kill Her Husband — Who’s Now Defending Her!

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Well, this is a plot twist we didn’t see coming!

Back in May, Sarah Shepard was arrested for staging a failed murder-for-hire scheme in an attempt to kill her husband, Richard Shepard.

The Alabama woman allegedly paid a man — who turned out to be an undercover cop — to murder her spouse. But Richard, while working with the Hartselle Police Department, faked his own death in order to charge his wife for the crime.

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The same day Miz Shepard was booked, her husband had even filed a protective order against her.

But now, Richard is COMPLETELY changing his tune.

On Monday, he actually defended his wife — who we must reiterate PAID SOMEONE TO KILL HIM — to Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson.

According to WAFF, Mr. Shepard tried to get his lady love’s $500,000 bond lowered, telling the judge that Sarah couldn’t have possibly come up with the murder plot on her own.

Richard even suggested the undercover cop helped concoct the scheme, and suggested it to his wife.

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His proof? The Alabama man insists his spouse can’t even come up with her own grocery list.

The judge was totally shocked my the suggestion, saying:

“This is not something I have anything to compare to. I’m baffled.”

However, he might actually consider reducing Sarah’s bond, and told her defense attorney, John Campbell, to refile a motion for a mental evaluation.

John maintains that his client was a victim of entrapment.

Crazy, right?!

We just can’t wait for the movie version! Ha!

[Image via Hartselle Police Department.]

Aug 17, 2016 4:23pm PDT

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