Amy Schumer Cryptically Hints Inside Amy Schumer Is DONE Amidst Controversy With Writer Commenting On Alleged Rape!

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Say it ain’t so!

In the last couple days, a bit of controversy has hit Amy Schumer‘s hit Comedy Central show as one of the writers on the blonde beauty’s show, Kurt Metzger, sarcastically commented on a story where women accused comedian Aaron Glaser of rape.

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As you can imagine, Miz Schumer wasn’t too pleased by this and responded by tweeting “I couldn’t be more against his recent actions.”

Things then took a bit of a cryptic turn when the comedienne continued by saying:

“Kurt does not work for me. He is not a writer on my show. Please stop asking me about it. His words are not mine.”


While we thought that might just mean Kurt got the axe, it sounds like it could be A LOT worse as Inside Amy Schumer might actually be gone for good! Wednesday night, the Trainwreck star once again took to Twitter to announce:

If that wasn’t bad enough, she retweeted a fan’s message that seemingly confirms the news:

This would be such a shock, not just because Amy has really hit it big in the last year or so, but CC renewed the comedy series for a fifth season back in January!

While we don’t have any official news from the network yet, we are glad that the 35-year-old seemed to be at peace as she signed off for the night tweeting:

Obviously we’d be heartbroken if Inside is over, but we stand by Amy 100% and will continue to support her, whatever she does!

Do you think it’s time for the funnywoman to end her show?!

Aug 18, 2016 8:21am PDT

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