Ryan Lochte Takes To Social Media During #LochteGate Scandal — To Make A Silly Birthday Video For A Fellow Olympian!

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What in the WORLD is he thinking?!

If for some reason you’re unaware of #LochteGate, US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has come under A TON of heat after claiming he was robbed at gunpoint in Rio — and now we know his story isn’t EXACTLY true!

After confirming the tale to Matt Lauer on Wednesday night, Lochte’s case took a huge turn when security footage dropped of the “robbery” after Lochte’s teammates reportedly threw him under the bus and confirmed they embellished the tale.

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While Ryan has his own theory about the security footage AND we learned there’s a chance that those teammates DID NOT say the robbery was a lie, the gold medalist — safely in the U.S. — is busy having some fun on social media!

On Thursday, the buff athlete posted a now deleted video in which he wishes fellow USA teammate Elizabeth Beisel a happy birthday!

Though the video is deleted, Bradd Jaffy, a senior news editor and writer for NBC Nightly News, took to Twitter to share the news as well as a screenshot of the video (below):

Another eagle eyed viewer was able to record the video and uploaded it to YouTube:

While we’re still unsure of exactly what went down, we think it was a good move on Ryan’s part to delete the silly birthday video — seeing as how he’s got WAY more serious things to deal with now.

What do you think of the most recent #LochteGate news?!

[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 18, 2016 3:10pm PDT

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