Rio Police Hold #LochteGate Press Conference — Claim Ryan Lochte Wasn’t Robbed, BUT One Part Of His Story Was True…

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The Rio police are speaking out amid that Ryan Lochte robbery controversy.

On Thursday, authorities held a press conference to address the scandalized swimmer’s supposed story about being robbed at gunpoint in the Brazil city.

Chief of Civil Police Fernando Veloso spoke to the media about their investigation, exclaiming “there was no robbery,” like the New York native had claimed.

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In fact, the official explained the swimmers had actually vandalized a gas station bathroom and broke a mirror before an alleged altercation with security guards.

The chief said they tried to leave $20 and 100 Brazilian reales to pay for the damage because they didn’t want to wait for the cops to arrive.

But, it turns out one part of Mr. Lochte’s story was somewhat true.

Fernando admitted that one of the guards did point a gun to try to control one of the sports stars, who was apparently very upset.

But, the security staffer says using the weapon was completely justified, and the police think there was “no excess of force” while the gun was used.

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The police chief confessed that a guard described Ryan as “very angry because he was intoxicated.”

Fernando also explained their cab driver remembered picking up two women from the same party who claimed to be “dating” the swimmers.

The cops had been speaking to the acclaimed athlete’s teammates Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger about the alleged incident, and Mr. Veloso revealed one US swimmer admitted to lying.

The 32-year-old’s fellow swimmers apparently confessed to fabricating their story after security footage showed them fighting with a security guard at a gas station.

The authorities aren’t sure if they will press charges for vandalism or lying to police, and even though Ryan is back in the US, he could still be charged.

[Image via Ruptly TV.]

Aug 18, 2016 3:46pm PDT

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