Uncensored Blu-Ray Version Of The Walking Dead Finale Drops An Unprecedented Number Of F-Bombs!

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Talk about a dirty mouth!

Now that it’s been four months since the EXTREMELY frustrating season finale of The Walking Dead, we’re about ready to revisit season 6 — especially now that an uncensored version is coming to Blu-Ray!

No, we won’t get to see gory images that give clues to the victim’s identity… but we will get a LOT of too-hot-for-TV language!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was pretty fantastic (it wasn’t HIS fault where the camera was pointed) but comic book fans know the big difference between Negan in the show and the comics is the amount of f-bombs he drops.

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Aside from bashing in one of their heads of Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group with his signature baseball bat, Lucille, he also curses up a storm.

Obviously, the scene had to be toned down a bit to air on TV — but soon we’ll all get to see the much dirtier version!

The Hollywood Reporter got their hands on a an early copy of the Blu-Ray that’s due out next week, and they counted an insane 23 f-bombs in the 11-minute speech!

That’s a lot of f*cks to give. LOLz!

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If you’re curious how the Blu-ray will switch things up, one example is changing Negan’s line:

“I’m gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you.”

Instead, the uncensored version of this lovely little promise is:

“I am gonna beat the holy f*ck f*cking f*ckety f*ck out of one of you.”


Executive producer Greg Nicotero previously talked about the use of profanity, saying he would have “loved” to include at least one f-bomb on broadcast:

“We had the f-bomb version and the television version. Even when I did my director’s cut, I put the f-bomb into the director’s cut for all the executive producers to see because it’s so powerful. It’s the momentum of using those words to accentuate and punctuate those moments. The scene in the Blu-ray is astounding.”

We can’t wait to see it!

You can pick up a copy of TWD season six Blu-Ray on Tuesday, and make sure you catch the terrifying show when it returns October 23 on AMC!

Aug 18, 2016 11:11am PDT

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