Three Dead After High School Wrestling Coach Catches Star Student’s Mother In Bed With His Best Friend & Fellow Coach

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It’s horrifying that a man would do this — especially to a teenage boy with his entire life ahead of him.

A high school wrestling coach and a teenaged wrestler in Hermiston, Oregon are dead after they were allegedly murdered by another coach on the team.

The coach in question later turned the gun on himself and committed suicide after also shooting and seriously injuring a woman identified as his ex, in a tragic love triangle situation gone horribly wrong.

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Coach Kenneth E. Valdez (above, left) and 14-year-old student James ‘J.J.’ Hurtado (above, right) are dead, and Hurtado’s mother, 35-year-old Andria Bye, is seriously wounded after being shot by Hermiston High School wrestling coach Jason E. Huston on Thursday.

Huston then committed suicide, according to authorities.

On Thursday morning cops responded to reports of a shooting just after 11:00 a.m. local time, and found Valdez and Huston dead, and Bye seriously injured.

Police later found the teenager’s body in a remote area outside of the town that afternoon.

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Huston and Valdez, lifelong friends and old high school wrestlers who now coached the sport together, apparently had each been involved at some point with Hurtado’s mother.

Though his relationship with Bye was apparently over, Huston was still seen as a father figure by Hurtado. As such, he was trusted to take the boy to play golf that afternoon.

For some reason Huston then ruthlessly shot him, and left him for dead.

Huston then returned to Hermiston, went to Bye’s house, and found her and Valdez there in bed together. It’s then he allegedly shot them both.

Authorities believe that Huston himself made the call to 911, but they have yet to release what was discussed on the phone. He then apparently took his own life.

Hermiston police chief Jason Edmiston put it in no uncertain terms:

“It was an absolutely horrific, selfish choice he made.”


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As friends’ condolences poured in for Hurtado, both Hermiston High School and the town’s police department declined to speak to reporters, although Maria Duron, the communications officer for the district, did say:

“[We will] provide support for staff, athletes and students during this difficult time … Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family, students, coaches and others affected by this tragedy.”

It is so, so sad to see so many lives ended and so many loved ones hurting.

Our prayers are with the victims of this unfathomable tragedy.


[Image via Facebook/Hermiston Police Department.]

Aug 19, 2016 6:01pm PST

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